We are funding matchmakers. Structure your financial transaction based on our extensive evaluation of how well international and domestic investor profiles match with your business plan. That’s how we help you maximize your choices for funding.

Get connected with a tailored funding solution based on your project’s:

  • Capital Needs
  • Capital Structure
  • Business Plan

Our team will help you find:

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Project Financing

Vital resources to identify opportunities and make the right decisions.

You’ve crossed all of your T’s and dotted all of I’s. You’ve meticulously made your plans and now it’s time to find and raise a specific amount of money. That’s where we step in. Our relationships with numerous banks, investment banks, hedge funds and multilateral finance organizations make us the perfect ally for your project financing needs.

We work with you to identify and pursue debt or equity capital to perform the acquisitions or debt refinancing. We can also help you simply explore capital markets outside your home country.

Our resources position us to help you first, identify and analyze all of your options and second, to make the right decision according to your needs. We work along the capital structure from revolving debt, long term debt, mezzanine financing to equity capital.

Corporate Finance Advising

Innovative approaches to raise the funds to fuel your projects.

Our team at Zurich Capital Holdings advises companies throughout Latin America on the execution of mergers and acquisitions, debt restructuring and syndicated loans. Regardless of your project’s location or whether it is large or small, careful planning is vital in facilitating your investment strategies. That’s why we help you place the necessary collateral to receive the funding you need to carry out your plans and develop your project.

Our professional relationships, resources and programs give Zurich Capital Holdings the unique position to help you design an innovative and effective approach to reaching your organization’s financial goals.

Bank Debenture Trading

Exceptional opportunities and remarkable returns.

Our relationships with bankers, traders, funders and alternative financial sources around the world give us access to key players seeking trading and investment opportunities. The result of our connections and relationship building with insiders is an unparalleled productive environment for our clients. We help you make the most out of opportunities in the trading of debt instruments – the purchasing of monetary securities at a beneficially lower price to be sold at a significantly higher price in money markets – in order to help you raise the funds you need to support your project.

The trading in “debt instruments” is a multi trillion dollar industry worldwide. Top world banks (Money Center Banks) are authorized to issue blocks of debt instruments like Bank Purchase Orders (BPOs), Promissory Bank Notes or Mid-Term Notes (MTNs), Zero Coupon Bonds (Zeros), Documentary Letters of Credit (DLCs), Stand By Letters of Credit (SLCs), or Bank Debenture Instruments (BDls) under International Chamber of Commerce guidelines (ICC – 500 & 600). The prices of these instruments are quoted as a percentage of the face amount of the instrument, with the initial market price being established when first issued. Thereafter, as they are resold to other banks, they are sold at escalating higher prices, thus realizing a profit on each transaction, which can take as little as one day to complete. As these debt instruments are bought and sold within the banking community, the trading cycles generally move from the higher level banks to lower level (smaller) banks. Often they move through as many as seven or eight trading cycles, until they eventually are sold to an already contracted retail customer or “exit buyer” such as a pension fund trust fund, foundation, insurance company, security dealer, etc. that is seeking a conservative, reasonable yield investment that is suitable for 8 figure amounts. By the time the bank debentures ultimately reach the “retail” or secondary market level, they are, of course, selling at substantially higher prices than when originally issued. For example, while the original issuing bank might sell a “MTW” at 80% of it’s face value, by the time it finally reaches the “retail/exit” buyer it can sell for 91% to 93% of it’s face value. Since these transactions are intended for large financial institutions, they are denominated in face amounts commonly ranging from US $10 million.

The real secret of successful participation lies not in knowing the how, why and wherefore of these transactions, but far more importantly, in knowing and developing a strong working relationship with the “Insiders.”

Commodity Trade Services


Eliminate stress. Count on our record.

Zurich Capital Holdings Corporation has a strong background in energy related products, with domestic and international sources for oil, gasoline, petroleum, natural gas, diesel, JP 54 jet fuel and Mazut.

Precious Metals

Trim your search time. We already did the legwork.

We can also assist clients with their precious metals needs. We have worldwide sourcing for gold, silver, copper and platinum.

Precious & Semi Precious Stones

Boost efficiency. Use our resources.

Zurich Capital Holdings can also help you with your precious and semi-precious stone requirements. We have an international network that can provide diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires.